hearts don’t bleed.

Maybe hearts don’t bleed and eyes don’t cry Maybe passion’s a myth and life’s a lie I have been away from this place for so long I feel like an intruder. I haven’t written in a while because I feared it would be corny and I would hate it. And then I didn’t write because I feared it would be […]

to be I

I fell in love yesterday i tried again today, but failed I will love again, tomorrow but the time in between today and tomorrow feels infinite Yesterday, I lived today, i can’t find my breath it feels like i’m watching life from the sidelines tomorrow, I will live again but the distance between today and tomorrow is plagued by despair […]

Life is bigger than self

Life kicks you when you’re down. Life stomps on you, squishes the little bits of aliveness left in you. It wants to see you down and out. Maybe that’s the purpose of life. To lead us to death. To show us the way out. Perhaps, get us there faster. And according to A, death is more beautiful than life. It […]


I admire my mother. Rightly so. Even more so in my adulthood. She is a formidable woman. With faults, like any other human. I may not agree with all she does or says, but I admire her spirit, her soul. I try not to see her as more than human, which is a hard thing to do with mothers. We […]

‘better luck next time’

sometimes, i think i feel too much other times, i worry i don’t feel enough. feelings make me feel small, if that makes sense i may not feel, but i think more than is good for me. the days go by fast, and i’m not sure i’m where i want to be. i know i’m not where i want to […]

gaslighting and why you need to be careful about who you let in your center 2

Self-esteem is largely an internal concept. You have to work on it from the inside out. Sure, you can fake it till you make it, but it’s a pretty hard thing to hide. However, have you ever stopped to question the impact the people around you have on your self-esteem? I have news for you. Some people are bad. They […]